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Have a question about your fitness plan? Looking for diet tips, or just want to get to know other members on the program? You've come to the right place! This page is your connection to the Fit Forever! Community. Here you can join great discussions about weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and more on our message boards, or have all your diet questions answered by our in-house nutritionist, Beth Meyers! You can even talk with me directly in my live monthly member chats, or read transcripts from chats you may have missed. And don't forget to check out my latest Workout Challenge, where each month I'll be posting a fresh way to stay Fit Forever! So look around, there's always something new to read here. Welcome to our community!





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Hola! In honor of Cinco de Mayo this month, spice up your workout with these high-energy exercises, designed to have you looking and feeling like one hot tamale by June! I love this festive Mexican holiday! It's a perfect opportunity to burn some extra calories in a fun way, like taking up salsa dancing or walking a parade route. If you're hosting the celebration this year, check out my Cinco de Mayo recipe — perfect fare for any fiesta!
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