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What's doing with Denise? To help Fit Forever! members eat healthy and eat foods they enjoy, I've revamped my Fit Forever! Meal Plan!

Q. Denise, what other types of cardio are there, besides walking?
A. There are lots of choices — it just depends on what you like to do! Some of the best cardio exercises — besides walking — for getting in shape include running, jogging, biking, swimming, step aerobics, the elliptical machine, cross-country skiing, and so on....
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Denise Austin has a new exclusive online plan called Fit Forever designed to help you shrink your most stubborn fat zones!
  • Drop 1-2 dress sizes!
  • Shed 1-2 inches from your waist!
  • Lose 1 inch from each thigh!
    Get your free success plan:

  • If you start moving your body, your mind will follow.

    I'm a mother of two beautiful boys — my youngest is 10 months old. Unfortunately, I had an extra 60 pounds to lose after my second baby was born. I'm proud to say I did just that, using the wonderful lessons I learned through Denise Austin's exercise tapes, shows, books, and Web site. Denise has been so inspirational...
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    To help Fit Forever! members eat healthy and eat foods they enjoy, I've revamped my Fit Forever! Meal Plan!

    Lifetime's Get Fit for Summer Sweepstakes!
    Enter our Get Fit for Summer Sweepstakes and you could win a personal fitness consultation with exercise guru Denise Austin!

    Denise Austin promotes a sensible, realistic, and enthusiastic approach to fitness and eating: She works out only 30 minutes a day and never skips a meal! Her health and fitness philosophies have won over countless fans throughout the United States, from whom she receives over 10,000 letters and e-mails a week. When you watch Denise on television, read her books, or follow her videos, you can't help feeling like she's there with you cheering you on...

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    Planning a getaway? Whether it's for business or pleasure, travel doesn't have to derail your commitment to eating right! Stay on course with these helpful tips from the American Council on Exercise:
    • Drink Up: Water, that is! Be sure to drink your eight or more glasses of water per day. Ask for bottled water instead of a soda on the airplane, for example, or pack a few bottles for the road if you're going by car, bus, or train.
    • Plan Ahead: Being away from home also means being away from your kitchen, where you're in control. Visualize yourself making healthy choices before entering a restaurant and stick with it! Remember, most places serve double or triple size portions, so don't clean your plate! There's nothing wrong with a doggy bag!
    • Don't Skip Meals: Don't take a vacation from eating three meals plus snacks every day. Staying on track keeps your hunger at bay, your metabolism up, and wards off overeating!
    • Pack Your Own: Bring along some healthy, portable snacks that don't need refrigeration, so you aren't tempted by the hotel mini-bar! Apples, oranges, granola bars, and rice cakes are just a few of the easy snacks to pack or pick up at a market when you arrive.
    • Go Local: It's OK to enjoy the local cuisine on the go! Just remember to balance out any splurges with lower calorie choices throughout the rest of the day.

    Squeeze your buttocks — anywhere, anytime — turn that idle time into toning time. When it comes to sculpting and tightening jiggly backsides my Hit the Spot Bun exercises are the best solution. To get results you need to focus on quality, not the quantity, of the exercise! Read More...

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    Denise Austin Skin Care

    Denise Austin's Fit Kids!
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    Skin Fit: Revitalizing Skin Cell Serum
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    Power Zone: The Ultimate Metabolism Boosting Workout
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